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In its May 21 issue, Latvian daily newspaper Diena published a review by theatre critic Zane Radzobe of Ivanovs latest exhibition.
"LIGHT has different dimensions than time does," the artist says. "The continuity of its meaning lasts longer than the images of everyday life". His fresh paintings depict the icons of pop culture, but as the painter admits, the exhibition is not really about them and agrees that to a certain extent this is a provocation
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MUSEUM ART GALLERY- Recently opened to the public, the new art gallery at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum was constructed following feedback from visitors who requested a dedicated area for tennis related art.
This means that a larger proportion of the Museum's excellent collection can now be displayed, with many items on view for the first time. The installation of a hi-tech audio-visual theatre allows tennis enthusiasts to watch great players in action in a quiet, comfortable setting.


Bill Hall's style grew out of working in oil paint on canvas. With the advent of digital graphics, he became proficient in reproducing his style of painting in the computer. Unless his clients specifically request a painting, all Hall's current work is digital.

Mike Weinstein
Born and raised on Long Island, Mike Weinstein always had a fascination for the game of tennis. There are few places in the world that can rival the US Open, the diversity of New York, and the excitement generated by the tennis legends that have played there.
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Original paintings , prints or custom designs for your home, office, or tennis club are available for purchase.
Phone: (516) 503-7617

Sport art is the theme of Wesman's work. His art includes recreational, professional and Olympic sports. Most sporting categories are covered, such as golf, skiing, horse racing, hockey etc.


To Len, Art is a visual language through which he speaks his dreams. He portrays in his paintings a positive attitude and the enthusiasm for living the experiences of life with passion and love. One of his goals with his Art is to touch people with the beauty of life and to motivate them to live their dreams.

One of the finest master painters in the world today, Malcolm is a specialist in capturing - for one moment in time - the life, vitality and energy of anything that moves. Capturing athletes and the machines that move them like no one else. His paintings exhibit larger than life fantastic color primarily in oil / acrylic.
TENNIS ART ONLINE - A collection of tennis art on the web.

WILLIAM KING at Witchita State University
Power Tennis: En Garde and Forehand, 1977, depicts two tennis players in defensive modes, preparing to return an imminent volley.

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